If you are going to use a loan to buy a home, you can take advantage of a 240-month housing loan . The 240-month mortgage loan product brought to the agenda with the mobilization in the housing facilitates the work of those who want to own a house in the long term.

Decrease in down payments

Decrease in down payments

In addition, a decrease in down payments for those who want to buy a house included in the campaign caused the demand for the campaign to increase. If you want to buy a house by taking advantage of all these advantages, in our article you can examine in detail the housing loans and the disbursement conditions of the 240-month housing loan…

For the first time in our country for those who want to own real estate housing sales are made for the first time in 20 years . The 240-month mortgage product offered by banks with different interest rates attracts the attention of home buyers who want to take advantage of the long-term opportunity.

The campaign, which aims to mobilize both the economy of the country and the real estate housing market in the short term, provides the opportunity to attract loans to those who want to own a house in the long term as 20 years .

Banks Providing 240 Month Term Mortgage


10 banks operating in our country were included in the campaign, which paved the way for easier homeowners thanks to a 240-month housing loan . The interest rates and other expenses offered by these banks to those who want to take out housing loans vary.

Please note that in such campaigns, interest should be paid more than the number of maturities. In order to make it easier for you to monitor the debt balance and income balance, we have provided the details of the banks that provide 240-month housing loans.

Honest Bank 240 Month Term Housing Loan


If you aim to become a homeowner by taking advantage of Honest Bank housing loans, you can evaluate the maturity options offered by the bank up to 240 months according to your income balance. When the characteristics of this campaign product, which offers the advantage of owning a house as rent pays, it is seen that the housing purchased will be mortgaged and housing, life and earthquake insurance will be provided throughout the term.

You can learn the current interest rates of the Bank from the branch, but considering that it offers loans with 0.79 percent interest rate; When you use a housing loan of 100 thousand TL, your monthly minimum payment will be 930 TL and the total amount you will pay back will be 223 thousand TL. Therefore, interest rates are important for long term loans.

Good Lender Bank 240 Month Term Housing Loan

Good Lender Bank, which offers housing finance with profit sharing rates up to 240 months and installment opportunities up to your budget, also helps its customers with alternative payment plans. In this way, the bank, which aims to make the payments of the customer easily, mortgages the house subject to financing in return for loans.

In addition, when you apply for a mortgage loan product, Good Lender Bank may request additional collateral from the branch if deemed necessary.

Good Finance Bank 240 Month Term Loans

Rent, which will allow you to host as Good Finance Bank pays 240 month term housing loan products are offered with different payment plans. In this way, you can be your host without forcing your budget and you can pay back with the appropriate interest rates offered by İş Bank.

The insurance amount requested for housing loans varies according to the age, gender and similar criteria of the person. In addition, the annual housing insurance premium varies according to the location and square meter of the house.

For this reason, you can get information from the branches regarding the final installment, loan amount, current interest rate, expenses and commissions to be collected for 20 years maturity.

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