The purpose of the structuring is to offer consumers the opportunity to pay longer term and to benefit from current interest rates. In this regard, Good Finance provides convenience to its customers and provides structuring opportunities.

Maturity period


Maturity period varies according to the type of loan withdrawn and is adjusted by asking the customer before using the loan. However, after using the loan, the consumer may experience various problems and request an extension of the term for ease of payment. Or, in the period when you needed a loan, the loan interest rate was higher than the current interest rate.

Period when interest rates are lower


Therefore, we want a new plan to be created in a period when interest rates are lower. In both cases, you can take advantage of Good Finance credit structuring opportunity. Because the extension of the maturity period will reduce the amount of your current debt to be paid monthly, you will have the ease of payment.

Good Finance Loan Configuration 


With a drop in interest rates, you’ll get less pay when you configure your loan. In addition, Good Finance credit structuring process for the consumer has another advantage. This is also less likely to pay insurance fees.

For example, you have used a four-year loan. However, realizing that there was a fall in interest rates, you renewed your debt plan with a 2-year configuration. In this case, you will have to have the life insurance that you are obliged to pay until the expiry date expires, instead of 4 years. This means that you will have to pay the extra insurance for 2 years.

To take advantage of all these advantages, it is sufficient to apply to the nearest Good Finance branch. If your registration is appropriate for credit restructuring, you will be able to create a new payment plan tailored to your benefit.

You have used a general purpose loan from another bank but you want to collect your debt at Good Finance and configure it. It is indigenous to apply for a general purpose loan provided by the bank for this process. In order to configure Good Finance general purpose loan, you should apply to the nearest branch in person.

The current interest rate for the Bank’s consumer loan product is 1.41% . If this rate gives you an advantage, you can configure your loans up to 75 thousand TL with maturity options up to 48 months . When calculating whether you have transferred to an advantageous position, do not ignore that your loan amount will be charged at 50 per thousand and a maximum life insurance cost of TL 290 will be charged.

Good Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

If you would like to recalculate the vehicle loan you have used before by taking into consideration the current interest rates, you can apply for Good Finance peer loan restructuring. This service is available to customers who meet the required conditions and who have sufficient monthly income for new payment options.

In addition, you can transfer not only the vehicle loan you use from Good Finance but also the loan debt of a bank to Good Finance. The most important criterion that the bank considers in this regard is; cannot perform a transfer transaction with a lower consistency than the amount displayed on the branch screen. This is clearly stated in the vehicle loan structuring procedures.

Good Finance Housing Loan Configuration

You can use Good Finance housing loan structuring process to reduce the installments or reduce the cost of the house you buy by using a housing loan to be used as a residence. For this, you can go to any Good Finance branch and request a housing loan with a maturity of up to 120 months .

All consumers who are over 18 years of age and whose income is sufficient to use the loan can be granted housing loans. Under the configuration, you can create your new payment plan according to your current conditions by contacting your customer representative.

Good Finance 72 Months Loan Configuration

In accordance with the Regulation approved last year, you can install your loan debt up to 72 months. If you have the opportunity to use a loan at a rate lower than your current loan rate, you can make use of this opportunity by applying for a loan structuring of Good Finance 72 months .

Within the scope of the credit restructuring law, consumers who wish to reduce the installment amount and extend the maturity can apply to the bank. However, once your application is approved by Good Finance, it will be possible to install your debt in installments. Therefore, if you explicitly declare your structuring purpose to your customer representative, this may be more useful to you in the examination of your application.

Good Finance Does Not Configure Credit

After the September 2016 restructuring of the banks, it was seen that they started to implement their own policies. Therefore, complaints such as Good Finance does not make credit structuring occurred and consumers could not benefit from this application.

However, it should be noted that; is an arrangement for consumers who are loyal to the configuration debt. Therefore, if there is irregularity or non-payment in your recent payments, the bank has the right to reject your configuration request.

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